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Opening hours today

Dear visitors, some access roads to Litomyšl are under reconstruction. To arrive to Litomyšl it may take longer time. Make you familiar with this fact, please. Thank you.


Plan your visit

Plan your visit of the Litomyšl Castle. You can find some basic information here. For more details write your questions on e-mail: or call  +420 461 615 067 in opening days, please.


Nearby the Litomyšl castle there are some paid parking places for cars. The bus must just stop nearby the castle for getting on and getting off, but it has to be parked in a special parking place on T. G. Masaryk street (1145 T. G. Masaryk street, Litomyšl; oposite the elementary school).


Both guided tours are situated in first floor.


No access for any pets to garden and to the castle.


In the castle there is no proper place for parking bikes. There is forbidden to ride a bike in gardens and in the castle.

Child care facilities

A child counter available in the ladies´ room.


Castle Café is open for you in the opening days.